On the new pilgrim’s path of Spandau’s church district one can make a pilgrimage criss-cross through Spandau. But making a pilgrimage is more than just walking or hiking. It is a wish for deceleration, a longing for inner peace, a search for answers. There can be various reasons for people setting off: a timeout from everyday life, an “arrival in one’s home“, finding inspiration, making decisions, meeting new people or searching for spiritual experiences.

Ausflug für Frauen Berlin

HÎNBÛN sees the pilgrim’s path as a chance for interreligious dialogue. In this sense, HÎNBÛN is making a pilgrimage through Spandau with visitors. First Station of this pilgrimage was the Nicolai Church in the old town of Spandau in November 2020.

During a guided tour supported by language mediation with the historian Mrs. Müller there were interesting things to learn about the church and Spandau. The participating women said that it was particularly interesting to learn about different items like the baptismal font, the altar or the pulpit and their concrete usage in Christian service. Because of of bad weather it was not possible to visist the second stop, which would have been the Jewish Memorial at “Lindenufer“ (lime bank).

However, the pilgrimage shall be continued as soon as the weather and Corona permit.

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