HÎNBÛN offers workshops & seminars
for women (and their children),
as well as for employees on a regular basis. 


One important element is the communication between the women and mutual support. A good example is the workshop on developing and making pictograms for a advertisment of the Spandau network against domestic violence. Here women who lived with domestic violence for years and managed after many difficulties to seperate from their husbands met women, who just made their first dreadful experiences. Those women were strengthened by a lively and sensitive exchange and it helped them to do the first steps. Furthermore, all women were very motivated to bring the problem to attention because of their drawings and inspire others to join.

Various workshops deal with immigration and the departure of home. Experiences during advice, in groups and during events have shown that no one leaves his home voluntarily or gladly. What remains are desires, grief up to despair. Some is reflected in sad favourite songs, some in pictures- it’s always present.

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Seminars for employees:

Extensive subjects are worked on for which there is not enough time in everyday work life. They mainly refer to the workflow or bigger events e.g. the 35th anniversary.

Seminars for women:

HÎNBÛN is a centre for women and is therefore conductin seminars for women only. The burdens of women because of refugee experiences, illness, traumata and last but not least because of the caring and supplying of their families is often so great, that those women have hardly ever the opportunity to deal with subjects that are important to them and through dealing feel relief. When necessary, speakers are invited for factual information and for support of the seminar a psychological specialist is consulted.

Both types of seminars are usually conducted outside of Berlin or at least outside of the familiar environment, to be able to deal with subjects without being disturbed by everyday influences.

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