35 years of Hînbûn – History of immigration in Spandau. Women getting a chance to speak..

Berlin 2016

Today’s challenges to include a great amount of refugees into our society raise the following question: What can we learn from things women who fled years ago to Germany or women who imigrated have to tell retrospectively?


HÎNBÛN-brochures – “Learn something new – about the work with Kurdish women for intercultural opening“

Berlin 1999.

This brochures documents the varied intercultural work of HÎNBÛN. It shows the development of this work in the institution since 1981 and moreover provides information about the living situation of Kurdish women and refugees in Germany, background informations about causes of migration, and much more…


PARAELLEL UNIVERSES – balance of a seminar

Berlin 2004

In December 2003 and in June 2004 a newly conceived two- or rather three-day weekend seminar took place, where participants had the possibility to confront themselves with their individual living situations far beyond daily worries and problems with the help of creative therapy. This report is a dokumentation of this seminar.


Parallel universes

Berlin 1994

An art therapeutic project in cooperation with the Treatment Center for Victims of Torture and HÎNBÛN.


Video films

HÎNBÛN – learn, experience new things (video film)

Berlin 1996.

This film informs about the varied intercultural work of HÎNBÛN and offers an insight to the living environment of migrants in Berlin. Because the film shows positive aspects of community life between people of different origins and culture, it is suitable for promoting intercultural understanding.

The film is also available in English, French and Spanish.

All materials are also available at HÎNBÛN.

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