Advice is the main offer at Hînbûn. It is private, free and on request anonymous.

It is intended to strengthen women’s backs and encourage them to name their wishes and needs, to go new ways and to realize their goals.

HÎNBÛN is a first point of contact for Kurdish and other immigrant women and their families. Here they receive orientation in the city and information about the local society. Topics of counseling can be financial burdens, residence law issues or personal and family problems.

Consideration of regulations under immigration law to which the immigrant women are subject is a prerequisite for successful counseling.

Many women make use of the counseling when they are in situations of transition into a new phase of life, because HÎNBÛN supports and accompanies women not only practically in everyday difficulties or in crisis situations, but also in the development of long-term perspectives, e.g. when starting or returning to work, after starting a family, divorce or in old age.

The main goal of this counseling is to strengthen women in their identity and self-esteem, to support them in using their abilities for themselves and thus to overcome difficulties and obstacles.

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